History of Gabe's Odd Form Assistant

Newest change on the top.

20.05.2000 Version 1.5 released on the internet.
20.05.2000 The Tutorial and Index of this help page, is updated according to the last changes.
20.05.2000 Saves the last used files to the registry, and uses these filenames as default the next session.
20.05.2000 The CreateOddForm procedure has now an additional parameter, ShowTitleBar.
18.05.2000 The generated form is drawn correctly in runtime, even if the user has changed the border width or the title bar height of Windows, using the Control Panel -> Display -> Apperance.
15.11.1999 Added the "Save Source" button to the mainform.
29.09.1999 The source is now formatted as a stand alone unit, with the handle of the form as a parameter.
26.07.1999 Bugfix: When the user had saved the picture with only 256 colors, and the figure was in the color blue, the scanning algorithm could'nt find any edge at all. This is now fixed.
27.06.1999 Version 1.4 released on the internet.
26.06.1999 Updated the helpside.
26.06.1999 Added MainMenu with all actions.
26.06.1999 The scan algoritm now uses the black/white image which is shown when you adjust the graytones. This resulted in more stable scanning.
25.06.1999 Added the slider for graytone adjustment.
25.06.1999 Added the slider for RGB color adjustment.
25.06.1999 Added the Save Source action.
21.06.1999 Version 1.3 released on the internet.
21.06.1999 Bugfix: Will work not only on WinNT, but on Win95/98 too...
21.06.1999 Added History to the help window.
21.06.1999 Added Vertex Color button.
21.06.1999 Added Node Color button.
21.06.1999 The help window will resize correct.
21.06.1999 Minor modification to the helpfile.
16.06.1999 Version 1.2 released on the internet.
10.06.1999 Added Aboutbox.
01.06.1999 Added Help.
01.06.1999 The algoritm detects holes.
30.12.1998 Version 1.01 All basic functions implemented.

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