TinfBuildinfo v1.0
Released 24. june 1999 by Informatics

General information
This Delphi component is freeware, but please do not modify the source; contact us so we can make the changes instead.
Reads build and file information from a file, and stores it in its properies.

File description
Unit IinfBuildinfo.pas
Author Informatics, Morten Høyseth
Construction date 24.06.99
Use GetFileInfo to get and store build information in InfBuildinfo's properties.

Company name String. Name of the company that developed the software 
FileDescription String. Description of the file
FileVersion String. File version 
InternalName String. Internal name of the product
LegalCopyright String. Copyright information
LegalTrademark String. Trademark information
OriginalFilename String. The product's original filename
ProductName String. Product name
ProductVersion String. Product version
Comments String. Developer comments
OSVersion String. Operative system version
BuildInfo TBuildInfo. Reads the build kind of the application. 
Signatur String. Product signatur
StructVer String. Struct version
FileType String. File type
OpSystem String. Operative system

v1.0 24.06.99 - First release

le structure
1. File information part 
2. Interface
a. uses declarations
b. const declarations
c. type declarations
d. var declarations
3. Implementation
a. Manually gen. procedure & function implementations (level 1.0)
b. Automatically gen. procedure & function implementations (level 2.0)
c. Registration, initialization & finalization (level 3.0)

Contact address
1430 ÅS

e-mail :
morten@informatics.no morten@informatics.no or support@informatics.no 
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