TinfMutex v1.0
Released 14. april 1999 by Informatics

General information
This Delphi component is freeware, but please do not modify the source; contact us so we can make the changes instead.
Checks if an instance of the program is allready running

Usage :
1. Run the function AlreadyRunning to check if your program is running in another instance. It actually checks if the mutex name (property MutexName) already exists. Put it in an startup event.
2. To free/unregister the mutex(name) call the remove mutex. Remember if you change the MutexName-property after you have run the AlreadyRunning function, it won't work (it doesen't do anything) Simple rule : don't change the MutexName property runtime if you don't know what you're doing (and my guess is you don't).
3. Designtime you're free to change the Mutexname to something more relevant than the default. 
4. You should call the RemoveMutex function before closing you application
5. The funtions have a lot of other usage possibilities than checking if an application is runing or not. 
Ex. check if your app is already running :

if InfMutex1.AlreadyRunning(true) then
   showmessage('I am running already');

File description
Unit IinfMutex.pas
Author Informatics, Morten Høyseth
Construction date 14.04.99
Use AlreadyRunning to check if the Mutex is already registred (). If it is, the function returns true, else false. With the DoCreateMutex-parameter you decide whether to create a new mutex or not, if it is not already registred. 
Use RemoveMutex to unregister the mutex.

MutexName String. Unique name of the Mutex you check if is registred.

v1.0 14.04.99 - First release

le structure
1. File information part 
2. Interface
a. uses declarations
b. const declarations
c. type declarations
d. var declarations
3. Implementation
a. Manually gen. procedure & function implementations (level 1.0)
b. Automatically gen. procedure & function implementations (level 2.0)
c. Registration, initialization & finalization (level 3.0)

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