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Gabe's TypOmeter is a utility which measures how much you are typing, and the speed you are typing with. The TypOmeter is analogue, and everything is animated just like an oldfashioned speedometer!

In version 2, there are 17 indicators squeezed into the interface, and there are more than 56(fiftysix!) graphical statistics to choose from regarding your typing, clicking and use of applications!

You can change between a variety of skins, and you can test your typing ability with the Test Yourself facility.

Pleae note that the TypOmeter does not save any sensitive information regarding what you have written, only summarised information regarding the amount.

Screen shots


    The TypOmeter displays a lot of live information: The speed you are currently typing with; measured both as keypresses pr minute - KPM, and as Words pr minute - WPM. It counts the number of keystrokes, words and mouse clicks pr day, and the total number of keystrokes and mouseclikcs you have performed ever. Finally you get some rough statistics about what kind of keys you have typed.

    Here you may read the full documentation for a description of each of the 17 instruments and indicators in the TypOmeter.



    You can now select from a variety of different skins for your TypOmeter. If you find the default skins boring, you can easily create your own!

    You may click at the thumbnail to get a better description of this facility.


    Type Recorder

    The Type Recorder is a window in the timespace showing the speed you have been typing with the last five minues. From version 2.0, it shows typing speed measured as Keypress pr Minute, and as Word pr Minute. It even shows the average speed you have been typing with for each of the last five minutes.

    You may click at the thumbnail to get a better view of the Type Recorder.


    Key Statistics

    The Key Statistics will show you a lot of useful(?) information about how you utilize each character on your keyboard.
    You will get to know which key you are Pressing most often, which one you are Deleting most frequently, which keys you are having Problems with, and even the Speed of each Key. You will see that some keys are much faster than others.
    Maybe you should join a Touch Method course to improve the speed of all your keys, and the slow ones in particular?

    You may click at the thumbnail to get a better description of the Key Statistics.


    The TypOmeter measures which applications you have used, when you used them, how long you used them, and how many mouse clicks and key presses you have given each application.
    In the "Applications..." you get 14 different graphs showing details about the applications you have been using. One of them is a detailed Gantt Diagram showing exactly when you used each application, and it also shows when you have been away from your computer.
    For each application you have ever used, you will get 7 dedicated statistics for that particular application.

    You may click at the thumbnail to get a better description of the Application Statistics.


    The History Statistics shows several graphs with values recorded by the TypOmeter, from today - and back for as long as the TypOmeter has been used. The History graphs shows you keypresses you have made every day, mouseclicks, time spent in front of computer, and so on...
    There are a total of 26(!) graphs to choose from, all giving important(?) information about your daily work in front of the computer.

    You may click at the thumbnail to get a better description of the History Statistics.


    Test Yourself

    The Test Yourself facility is a place where you can test your typing performance in a controlled environment.
    You have to write a predefined text as fast as you can, with as few mistakes as possible.
    When finished you will get a comprehensive report regarding your performance. It shows you your Word Pr Minute rating, often called WPM, key presses pr minute, bad keys, and even shows you your spelling mistakes. Finally you can print a report with your results.
    The Test Yourself facility saves your statistics, and shows how this test is compared to all the previous tests you have performed, this way to control your progress. You have 4 statistics to choose from for this function.
    With all these facilities you should be encouraged to improve your Touch Method when typing. To practice and learn the Touch Method, maybe you'll find better tools, but this one helps you measure your typing speed whenever desired.

    You may click at the thumbnail to get a better view of the Test Yourself facility.


You are free to Download the latest version of Gabe's TypOmeter here , approx 2.5 MB.

System Requirements

233 MHZ PII computer, using true colors.


This is version 2.0 Please read the full version info here.

Support and Copyrights

Please refer to the online help for further details about options and functionality in Gabe's TypOmeter.

This application is Freeware, and you are free to distribute the installation file tmSetup.exe anywhere. The latest version will always be available at http://www.informatics.no

All use of this application is at your own risk.

For support or any question regarding this application please send an e-mail to gabrielsen@informatics.no.

Copyright (c) Informatics 1998, 2002